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A.F.C algorithm

A fast and efficient algorithm for solving T.S.P

Five years of R&D resulted in this fully functionnal polynomial approximation for the Traveller Salesman Problem. With a 10% average deviation from optimal tour and a N.Log(N) complexity, this algorithmic shows excellent performences for this famous NP-Hard problem.

Following are :

- a live demo to see the algorithm at work. You can run this demo both with randomly generated problems or with known TSP problems provided in tsplib format.

- some benchmarks performed both with random problems and known TSP problem.

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TSP benchmarks

TSP benchmarks


ASP versus 22 classic heuristics.
See Investigating TSP Heuristics for Location-Based Services for more details.


Tour computed by A.F.C in 15,2 sec, for "pcb3038 : Drilling problem (Junger/Reinelt)"

COMMENT : Drilling problem (Junger/Reinelt)